Green Building Unit

Our extensive experience in high-performance building consulting, energy modeling building commissioning, and marketing of our projects, as well as hands-on experience in the trades has well-equipped our firm to meet all of your needs as they relate to green building to move your company towards total sustainability. The combined skills and experience of our diverse LEED accredited staff, based upon our involvement with private corporations government agencies, universities, and real estate developers allows us to quickly become a value-added member of any project team. We leverage this wisdom and knowledge to help your company identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible green building strategies

Our staff includes architects, engineers, construction and business professionals who share a strong commitment to improving the sustainability of business operations and the built environment.  Our capabilities are further enhanced through our nationwide and International network of subject matter experts whom we call upon to meet our clients’ most demanding sustainability challenges.



Our team of accredited professionals can provide the following technical services:

  • Training and consulting on environmentally-responsible building design and construction
  • Design reviews and in-field training and diagnostics
  • Process guidance and administration, which includes schedulingtask management, documentation, and submittal preparation
  • Environmental materials research and recommendations
  • Development of specifications to support the process
  • Equipment and life-cycle analysis and costing
  • Energy performance modeling and building optimization
  • Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy and passive solar consultations
  • Project-specific educational presentations for the project team or client

We Will

  • Help your team establish environmental goals and identify program credits to target
  • Track the project’s progress toward goals and keep the team on course
  • Facilitate integrated design meetings
  • Research specific questions, materials or strategies to determine viable options for program credit compliance
  • Manage timelines, gather documentation and review the team’s work for completeness
  • Assist in the selection of a commissioning agent
  • Train general contractors and sub-contractors on compliance with the program’s credit requirements

Hazim Consulting's project approach follows the integrative design process.  We work with all stakeholders from the project start to implement an integrative approach to planning, design, construction, and operations.  We challenge project team members to identify “state-of-the-shelf” technologies and to develop sustainable strategies that push toward outcomes that include net-zero energy, water, and waste performance with maximized lifecycle cost benefits.  This proactive process allows project teams to develop structures and systems that integrate holistically to create resource-efficient projects with minimal impact on the environment and maximum return on investment.




Commissioning (CX)

Energy Modeling

Energy Performance Analysis & Testing – Residential & Commercial

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Corporate Reporting